Sample Availability Notice

Hello everyone,

First of all we hope everyone is staying healthy and strong, both physically and mentally, these unprecedented times have been challenging to say the least. Let's get through this together and come out of it stronger than ever!

Unfortunately during this difficult period of time we have had to restrict the accessibility of pouches available, consequently we are temporarily only accepting sample requests from UK hospitals and clinics.

We understand that this disruption may be inconvenient and we can only apologise for the disappointing news.

Furthermore we have limited the number of stoma bags available to be sampled, sample orders from hospitals and clinics that stray from the list below will not be fulfilled, these are the sample bags currently available:


 52500  53400F
 52500F  52400F
 53500  535M
 53500F  8534








We understand these recent changes may draw some concerns, therefore if there is anything you would like to discuss with us please feel free to get in touch at

Stay safe!

Marlen Healthcare UK