Urostomy Transparent One-Piece Ostomy System

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Marlen urostomy pouches are proving increasingly popular with customers because of the comfort, flexibility and security offered by this international favorite.  

The unique push-pull drain tap allows for very simple emptying and is widely acclaimed by users in many countries. Once again the proprietary AquaTack delivers the skin fitting and with most needs met by customisation of the cut to fit base, we really do have a winner here.  Feel free to request samples.

 Cut Size
Flat Cut Size Convex
Starter Hole 72400 Starter Hole 72500
12mm 72412
12mm 72512
16mm 72416 16mm 72516
19mm 72419 19mm 72519
22mm 72422 22mm 72522
25mm 72425
25mm 72525
29mm 72429 29mm 72529
32mm 72432 32mm 72532
34mm 72434 34mm 72534
38mm 72438 38mm 72538
41mm 72441
44mm 72444
50mm 72450
55mm 72455