UltraMax Flat Ileostomy (Drainable) Bag

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Marlen one-piece drainable pouches are gentle on the skin thanks to the amazing AquaTack while remaining secure and easy to use!

 Flexible and discreet, the Marlen UltraMax one-piece system is the all-in-one solution that combines the skin barrier and pouch in a single unit, allowing for a simple, secure, and comfortable experience.

 Marlen's latest pouches with advanced skin base offers you the security, comfort, and discretion you deserve.

 Marlen Drainable pouches are available with either a flat or convex base, with pre-cut sizes or cut to fit options.

 Cut Size
Opaque Cut Size Transparent
Starter Hole 53400 Starter Hole 52400
12mm 53412 12mm 52412
16mm 53416 16mm 52416
19mm 53419 19mm 52419
22mm 53422 22mm 52422
25mm 53425 25mm 52425
29mm 53429 29mm 52429
32mm 53432 32mm 52432
34mm 53434 34mm 52434
38mm 53438 38mm 52438
41mm 53441 41mm 52441
44mm 53444 44mm 52444
50mm 53450 50mm 52450
55mm 53455 55mm 52455