UltraMax Closed Convex Colostomy Bag

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Marlen UltraMax closed pouches are available with cut to fit and/or pre-cut sizes to make life easier whatever route you choose to take.

Additionally, the choice of flat or convex base also adds to the options.

With a maximum size of 80mm on the UltraMax Plus product, we believe we do have a closed pouch to suit every requirement.

Cut Size
Opaque Cut Size Transparent
Starter Hole 83500 Starter Hole 82500
12mm 83512 12mm 82512
16mm 83516 16mm 82516
19mm 83519 19mm 82519
22mm 83522 22mm 82522
25mm 83525 25mm 82525
29mm 83529 29mm 82529
32mm 83532 32mm 82532
34mm 83534 34mm 82534
38mm 83538 38mm 82538